Riding Lessons

Lessons are constructed for first time riders to competition riders. Each rider is educated based on their individual riding goals and needs within the English or Western disciplines. Beginners are taught basic equine skills to achieve a strong foundation. More advanced riders build upon that foundation and are challenged to achieve their full potential. All riders can expect to learn and grow in a safe environment focusing on horsemanship and sportsmanship. Emphasis is placed on safety, balance, control, respect, compassion, and responsibility to build the foundation needed to become an equestrian. Our lesson horses are explicitly selected for our program to be safe, patient, sweet-natured, and forgiving. Find more information regarding lesson structure and pricing below. 

Lessons will be held at the Gloucester County Dream Park located at 400 Route 130 South, Logan Township NJ, 08085 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 3pm to 8pm. Saturday lessons are held 9am to 2pm. All times are open, but yield to events hosted by Gloucester County Dream Park. Ages 5 and up.

Seahorse Equestrian, LLC offers many mounted and unmounted lesson options including; half hour private, one hour private, half hour group, or one hour group lesson. Trailer-in lessons are welcome and follow the same lesson options.

All riders begin with an Evaluation lesson. During this time riders are introduced to the equines, facility, and instruction. The instructor will explain safety, basic horsemanship, and assess any  prior riding ability. Private lessons are best for students looking to progress at their own pace and reach individual riding goals that may need extra attention. Group lessons create friendship between riders and pose as a visual learning tool. No Rush Brush lesson was created for students who enjoy one on one time with equines or would like to boost their confidence level when working around equines. During this lesson students are given half of their scheduled lesson time to  thoroughly brush the equine. The remainder of the lesson combines safe equine handling and knowledge. For example; leading an equine through a set pattern, tacking up, breeds, parts of the equine. Beginner Students start out participating in our private lessons to learn the staples; leading, grooming, tack-up/ un-tack, balance, and control of the equine under saddle. Following the student displacing safe control riding they will be welcomed to join a group lesson within their riding ability. Riding attire consist of long pants, hard sole shoe with a heel and horseback riding helmets( provided ) until individually purchased.

Over the years, we have witnessed many riders have health issues due to lack of hydrating or eating. In return, we offer drinks and healthy snacks prior to riding. We have noticed a large decrease in the number of students overheating or becoming fatigued.

Seahorse Equestrian, LLC owns wonderful equines who have experience teaching students to ride properly. They love to be showered with attention and cared for by the students.